Total investment level


21 Billion DKK

Still to be extracted in Denmark

Source: Danish Energy Agency

3 Billion BOE
barrels of oil equivalent

Paid to the Danish state so far

Source:Oil Gas Danmark

>415 Billion DKK

Full redevelopment of Tyra as gas hub

- Extending the life of the Danish North Sea

Tyra is the centre of Denmark’s national energy infrastructure, processing 90% of the nation’s gas production. The redevelopment of Tyra ensures continued production from Denmark’s largest gas field, and will protect important Danish North Sea infrastructure.

Maersk Oil and the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) have approved an investment of approximately 21bn DKK in the full redevelopment of the Tyra Gas field. This represents the largest project investment ever made in the Danish North Sea, enabling Tyra to continue operations for at least 25 years.

Future potential of Tyra

At peak production, the redeveloped Tyra gas field will provide enough gas to supply 1.5 million Danish homes, supporting energy security, future tax revenues and employment for Denmark.

As the redevelopment will restore the Danish processing and export centre, the new infrastructure can enable operators to pursue new gas projects in the northern part of the North Sea, where the most recent development, Tyra SE, delivered first gas in 2015 and is producing above expectations.