Maersk Oil Exploration is a fully integrated multidisciplinary organisation that leverages support from subsurface, engineering, economics, and commercial functions.

As explorers we deliver high-quality, value-oriented investment opportunities which will be competitive even in a sustained low hydrocarbon price environment.

Our exploration investments lead to high-value production that contributes to sustaining Maersk Oil’s leading position into the future. Culzean, discovered in 2008, is just one example of an exploration success Maersk Oil is carrying through to execution. An exciting project which will provide around 5% of the UK’s domestic gas needs.

The Maersk Oil exploration community consists of a close-knit, highly-experienced team of industry-leading personnel who are located both in our Danish headquarters and Business Units located in Aberdeen, Stavanger and Copenhagen.

We use a combination of cutting-edge technology, integrated workflows and value-oriented decision frameworks to provide the company with a long term, sustaining value proposition.

Our Exploration is largely focussed on two core areas. In the Greater North Sea, Maersk Oil has built a fifty-year history of exploration success that has underpinned our long-term profitable production. Our continued North Sea exploration focus, core capabilities and in-depth experience make Maersk Oil uniquely placed to further expand our quality exploration position. In Kenya we continue to build on a run exploration successes adding low-cost volumes to underpin a robust future development base.