Maersk Oil is committed to conducting business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner. Our global business is underpinned by the APMM Group Core Values, the Maersk Group’s Core Policies, our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and seven core principles we integrate into our business:

Incident Free   We are committed to fulfil our Incident-Free ambition to protect people, the environment, our assets and reputation.

Employees   We are committed to providing positive, productive and supportive working environments for all employees. We treat all employees with respect and dignity and we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. By integrating the APMM Global Labour Principles into our business, we respect the International Labour Organisation core labour standards in compliance with international law, local law, regulations and collective bargaining agreements.

Business Conduct   We work against all forms of corrupt practices including bribery and facilitation payments. Maersk Oil also has a strong compliance programme in place to limit the risks of corruption which includes amongst other measures mandatory procedures, employee training, due diligence of third parties, and recording of gifts and hospitality. Our whistle-blower system is accessible through our website and a telephone hotline is available to ensure that concerns can be reported, investigated and addressed.

Stakeholder engagement   We proactively engage with stakeholders to understand their interests.

Human Rights   We respect human rights and are committed to integrating human rights into our business processes in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, with a focus on human rights due diligence and establishing operational grievance mechanisms.
The 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act is intended to tackle modern forms of slavery work, ranging from abusive working and living conditions, to withholding of wages or passports, to use of trafficked labour.  A.P. Moller - Maersk A/S produces an annual statement describing policies, and measures taken to mitigate slavery risks accordance with Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. Human Rights

Environmental Stewardship   We are committed to preventing and minimizing environmental impacts, maintaining a robust environmental management system and effective emergency management plans in compliance with laws, regulations, and good industry practice.

Communities   We commit to making a positive contribution to local communities’ social and economic development through our core business activities, by seeking out opportunities to leverage our capabilities and working in partnership with reputable business partners, charities and organisations.

Maersk Oil Sustainability Strategy

Maersk Oil plays an important role in the Maersk Group Sustainability Strategy 2014-2018, which focuses on integrating sustainability into operations, risk management and continuous improvement, as well as creating shared value in the three priority areas of enabling trade, energy efficiency and education.

In 2015, Maersk Oil took the Group Sustainability ambitions one step further by defining the Maersk Oil Sustainability Strategy and publishing the Maersk Oil Corporate Citizenship Commitments. These are a set of seven commitments which communicate our vision of corporate citizenship to our stakeholders: we aim to deliver a safe, responsible and sustainable business. Responsible environmental, social and business conduct in all of our operations form the foundation of our license to operate, wherever we do business.

Our Sustainability Strategy defines how we intend to be a responsible partner in the countries in which we are present or plan to enter. Some priority issues we will focus on in 2017-2018 include climate change risks, social issues, strengthening local capabilities, local content and stakeholder engagement. The Sustainability Strategy will be delivered through a network of experts in the Maersk Oil organisation and overseen by the Maersk Oil Executive Team.